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Newly recorded: King's Quest VI goes vinyl

Newly recorded: King's Quest VI goes vinyl

King's Quest VI: Heir Today, Gone Tomorrow features one of Sierra's most cherished musical soundtracks. And now, more than thirty years later, it's about to live on in vinyl thanks to the upcoming remastered and re-orchestrated double-LP collection, An Ode to the Isles. In this podcast, Joshua and guest co-host Jeff Tripoli are joined by musician and project coordinator Erik Elsom of Magic Map Studio, who previously gave the same treatment to King's Quest V with Songs of Serenia before turning his attention to Chris Braymen's beloved soundtrack.

With An Ode to the Isles nearing completion and now available for pre-order, the time was right to chat with Erik about his latest passion project and discuss some of the fun but nerve-wracking challenges of enhancing and recreating treasured adventure game music on vinyl. And stick around 'til the end, as the boys break down their bonus top five King's Quest experiences!




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