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Flake: The Legend of Snowblind review

Flake: The Legend of Snowblind review review teaser image

Flake: The Legend of Snowblind is a captivating cartoon adventure in a fun, intricately crafted setting, though its considerable charms are complicated by the fact that it feels more like a substantial first chapter than a full game in its own right... Read more

Snowman Story review

Snowman Story review review teaser image

Snowman Story isn’t your typical Christmas tale and the singular puzzle type does it no favours, but it tells a gripping and emotional tale, in a delightfully vivid pixel art style, of a snowman trying to escape his inevitable springtime thaw. ... Read more

Bramble: The Mountain King review

Bramble: The Mountain King review review teaser image

Bramble's action elements might prove challenging for those used to relaxed adventuring gameplay, but with its main focus on platforming, stealth and boss battles, this stunning and terrifying survival horror game artfully weaves Scandinavian folklore into its dark but gripping narrative... Read more

MADievals: The Rise of Rusty Steelknee review

MADievals: The Rise of Rusty Steelknee review review teaser image

With its lack of relevant story progression until a rushed finale, MADievals won’t make a lasting impression, but its eccentric characters, plethora of anachronisms, and straight-up weirdness keep this fantasy medieval romp entertaining in the moment... Read more

Colossal Cave VR review

Colossal Cave VR review review teaser image

It’s not about seeing the story through to the end or solving complicated puzzles—version 2.0 of Colossal Cave in VR faithfully retains the flaws of the original groundbreaking game but is otherwise a delightful interactive experience that feels like an actual genuine adventure. ... Read more

Twilight Oracle review

Twilight Oracle review review teaser image

Twilight Oracle is a nostalgic ride through a zany fantasy world, though even its witty banter can’t hide the fact it’s a short story with a simple plot only good for a single afternoon’s fun... Read more

The Will of Arthur Flabbington review

The Will of Arthur Flabbington review review teaser image

Other than the odd puzzle frustration, The Will of Arthur Flabbington offers plenty of nostalgia, laughs and a gauntlet of inventory-based brainteasers that is sure to stretch your creative thinking when glued to your screen and keep you thoughtfully pondering when away from it... Read more

Fall of Porcupine review

Fall of Porcupine review – Narrative animal adventure comes with a healthy dose of charm and some prickly minigames review teaser image

Cute characters, great story, beautiful soundtrack, STAT! Fall of Porcupine may lack in the gameplay department, but it’s impossible to not fall in love with this charming character-driven tribute to our underappreciated health care workers... Read more

Dead Drop review

Dead Drop review – Plenty of cozy investigative goodness tucked away in Carol Reed’s nineteenth Swedish mystery review teaser image

Delivering everything series fans should expect by this point, Dead Drop is another soothing romp with Carol Reed through Swedish countrysides and dilapidated buildings, elevated by a fun hook and some decades-old KGB intrigue that helps to make up for the more humdrum moments... Read more

Slay the Princess review

Slay the Princess review – Subversive, brilliantly executed visual novel continually surprises with impactful player choice review teaser image

While Slay the Princess comes in a deceptively simple package, it contains what feels like a whole universe of horror, humor and humanity; it takes the visual novel format and pushes it as far as it will go, with a story that changes and adapts to every decision you make without ever forsaking its central themes of identity, eternity, and the nature of life and death... Read more

Hill Agency: PURITY/decay review

Hill Agency: PURITY/decay review – Beautiful Indigenous detective mystery diminished by bugs and spotty implementation review teaser image

Hill Agency is a stylistically gorgeous game and a refreshing futuristic representation of Indigenous people, but otherwise this detective noir game is too hampered by bugs and a lack of real investigative work to make the experience worthwhile... Read more

Enypnion ReDreamed review

Enypnion ReDreamed review – Surreal hand-drawn journey through the subconscious recurs in enhanced form review teaser image

Experienced adventurers can probably cruise through Enypnion ReDreamed in their sleep, though some of the logic puzzles might be responsible for a few nightmares. Overall, though, it’s a short but charming little journey through the subconscious that may just remind you of your own childhood nighttime fantasies... Read more

Superfluous Returnz review

Superfluous Returnz review – More than enough good times in this comedic point-and-click superhero spoof adventure review teaser image

Superfluous Returnz isn’t superfluous at all, as its not-so-super hero's bumbling (and occasionally credibility-defying) antics offer an all-too-brief breath of fresh country air... Read more

The Night Is Grey review

The Night Is Grey review – Beautiful cinematic side-scroller provides plenty of challenge and biting psychological thrills review teaser image

With its beautiful scenery, heartfelt characters, and the weirdest wolves you’ve ever seen, The Night Is Grey is as close to a psychological thriller as an adventure game can get, worthy to be called an interactive cinematic experience... Read more

This Bed We Made review

This Bed We Made review – Only a few minor reservations about this suspenseful Hitchcockian 1950s hotel mystery review teaser image

This Bed We Made sacrifices some snooping freedom and player challenge for a more linear narrative, but there are plenty of thrilling discoveries to unpack in this compelling Hitchcockian mystery... Read more

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