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An English Haunting


A madness for spiritualism has gripped London in 1907. Séances and theatrical shows where spirits make contact with their living families are all the rage, and there are a legion of investigators trying to discover the secrets of the supernatural. Among them, Professor Patrick Moore stands at the forefront, and he is now at a crossroads ‒ he's got 72 hours to prove the existence of the Great Beyond or else his Metapsychic Investigations Department will shut down forever. Racing against the clock, with the help of a fake medium named Beatrice Shaw, he must complete a prototype of the Box of Revelations, an artefact devised by his missing mentor that enables seeing dimensions hidden in our reality. Building this device will take him from the foggy streets of London to the steep shores of Scotland, and finally to 31 Benwell Street, known as the most haunted manor of England.




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