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Games the AGH Network is playing just for fun

Games the AGH Network is playing just for fun
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A burning question you're no doubt all wondering is: Do the Adventure Game Hotspot Network members play anything other than old Sierra classics for the zillionth time? Well, mostly no, but occasionally YES! And in their latest compilation video, several of them have pitched in to talk about what they've been busy playing in their spare time. 

Classic Gamers Guild Podcaster Paul Korman and speedrunner extraordinaire OneShortEye cruelly tease us with games that WE can't play yet because they're not yet out, but they both make a compelling case for why we should be all over Tachyon Dreams Anthology and The Phantom Fellows when they are. (And no, much as he was tempted, as the developer of The Phantom Fellows, it wasn't Paul talking up his own game.) 

In keeping with her love of Sierra, fellow CGG podcast host Anna Vigue has good news for those who similarly enjoy the old retro EGA parser-driven games of yore, as well as people who are cheap or broke, because Betrayed Alliance Book 1 is a lot of fun and available free! AdventureGameGeek is dabbling on the casual side with Cateia's fantasy adventure The Legend of Crystal Valley, recently updated and re-released on GOG, while Save Your Game's fast-talking Matt Aukamp squeezes in not one but four recommendations, possibly all in one breath. (Spoiler alert: Duck Detective, An English Haunting, the "trippy, hallucinogenic, anime, neon friggin'" 1000XRESIST, and a cross-genre shoutout to Animal Well.)

Whew! That's more than enough to given anyone in need of a new game some suggestions. And if you're wondering why we here at the Adventure Game Hotspot didn't volunteer any games of our own, well, it might have a little bit to do with an intense final month of planning for the upcoming Adventure Game Fan Fair! Tickets are practically gone, but act now and you might just be one of the last to secure a spot!

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