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First trailer materializes for An English Haunting

First trailer materializes for An English Haunting
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New supernatural pixel art adventure from the creator of Nightmare Frames unveiled for Windows PC


The age of modern spiritualism was in full swing near the turn of the twentieth century, making it an ideal setting for an adventure game. Postmodern Adventures certainly thinks so, as the indie Spanish developer of Nightmare Frames has decided to set the upcoming An English Haunting squarely in that supernatural-obsessed milieu.

The story takes place in 1907 London, where "Professor Patrick Moore is facing the closure of his university's supernatural studies department." Moore has only 72 hours to prove evidence of the afterlife if he's to keep his research going. To help him in his quest, he enlists the help of "a famous (but false) medium called Beatrice Shaw," and together they investigate other spiritualists throughout the city and "build an unfinished prototype by Patrick Moore’s mentor in order to find evidence in the most haunted house in all of London: 33 Benwell Street."

As with the developer's previous game, An English Haunting once again features stylish pixel art with a single-button point-and-click interface. Players can expect to find "more puzzles" than Nightmare Frames promised this time, all of them based on inventory and dialogue. There will be a variety of characters to meet throughout a story filled with "seances, phantasmagories, haunted houses and experimental devices to capture ghosts," some of them based on real-world people, including illusionist Harry Houdini, the medium Florence Cook, scientist William Crookes, and even Arthur Conan Doyle, who will be a playable character at a certain point in the game. And when you need a break from adventuring, you can stop and watch the Georges Méliès silent movie Évocation Spirite in a cinema or read horror stories in a rare books store.

There is no firm target release date for An English Haunting, but it's now available for wishlisting on Steam for Windows PC.


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