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Sunday Gold


Once bustling and full of life, the city of London is in a dark and dismal state. Unemployment and homelessness are at an all time high. Ethical boundaries are being stretched to their limit and corrupt billionaire, Kenny Hogan, is up to no good. ​It’s up to ragtag band of criminals Frank, Sally, and Gavin, to put a wrench in Kenny Hogan’s plans and bring him to his knees. But this is no simple job and there’ll be a smattering of obstacles they’ll have to face along the way… 




It would be nice to focus solely on how the bleak setting is intriguing, the stealth missions often feel cool, and the characters are at least entertaining, if not quite appealing—but it’s tough to do that when Sunday Gold is simply overrun with punishing turn-based combat and related RPG-style skill mechanics, and the adventure side of this genre hybrid is consistently minimized.  Read more

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