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The absolutely bizarre moves of Space Quest III

The absolutely bizarre moves of Space Quest III
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After the Space Quest Historian detailed the many unfair ways that Sierra classics The Sarien Encounter and Vohaul's Revenge manage to screw players over, the logical assumption would be that The Pirates of Pestulon would follow suit with similar "dick moves." Surprisingly, it turns out that Space Quest III is remarkably dickless. Wait, that doesn't sound right... The point is, SQH finds that it shows an "astonishing amount of mercy" towards players with "precious few dead end situations." 

Wait, THAT doesn't sound right either. A Space Quest game largely devoid of softlocks and other scream-inducing frustrations? But it's true, and there's video evidence to prove it. Sure, the game does have a few annoyances like rat muggers, pesky scorpazoids and insanely fragile ladder tumbles, but in other ways it seems to go out of its way to make life as easy and accessible as possible for you to finish. There are indeed TWO dead ends possible, but they require so much commitment to self-sabotaging behaviour that anyone who finds them probably deserves to suffer the consequences. 

For now, enjoy SQH's exploration of a kinder, gentler Space Quest experience. Just don't get too used to all this player-friendly thoughtfulness, because he signs off with a warning about the incoming tsunami of dickishness dead ahead. 

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