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Worst moves in Space Quest II

Worst moves in Space Quest II
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If you thought Space Quest I played dirty, the sequel says "hold my beer." Fall into one or more of its dastardly dead ends and Vohaul might not be only one seeking revenge. Fortunately, the Space Quest Historian is here to help us avoid the worst of its pitfalls – or at least make sure we're shoved in fully equipped. You'll be pleased (if equally mystified) to hear that you can get through without a jockstrap after all, but you'll want to learn all about the dangers of being smooched by an alien that definitely isn't a xenomorph, for example, and especially why a missing glowing gem is sure to "roundhouse kick your sense of enjoyment into the ground." If you still gets stuck after this, you have only yourself to blame! (Well, and Sierra. Still Sierra.)

Oh, about that amorous extraterrestrial... Despite the designers' best efforts to inflict a kiss of death sure to get any player's chest pounding (if you know what we mean, Alien fans), there's actually a way to outsmart the game and live to tell the tale, albeit apparently with a Giger-esque endoparasite forever gestating inside you. Fun! Find out how to in SQH's lifesaving follow-up.

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  1. SQH also posts his vids on Peertube! You should include those links too, for the three of us who would prefer to view them on that platform.


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