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Quiet on Set now rolling on Steam

Quiet on Set now rolling on Steam
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Replayable murder mystery on a movie set available now for download on Windows PC

People die on movie sets all the time – fortunately, they're usually fake deaths. Not so in Northern Dev Studio's newly released Quiet on Set, where a fatal incident has lasting repercussions, and it's up to you to identify the culprit or risk being the next victim.

You are part of the crew for one of the year's biggest Hollywood blockbusters, filmed in a real historic mansion. Production comes crashing to a halt, however, when someone is murdered on set. You're only an amateur sleuth, but it's up to you to "use your interpersonal skills and analytical prowess to investigate." The set is closed so the killer is still here, but who, and why do such a thing? The cast and crew are a "seemingly tight-knit movie team," but dig a little deeper and you'll begin to discover a "storm of ulterior motives, egos, and agendas bubbling beneath the surface."

Played from a free-roaming, first-person perspective, Quiet on Set lets players scour the crime scene and the rest of the luxury estate in search of evidence and collectibles. You'll also need to interview the actors and try to determine who's telling the truth and who's still acting to conceal their lies. Rather than simply picking from predetermined dialogue options, here you'll get to type in your own questions to conduct your interrogations as you see fit, with relevant information automatically recorded in your journal. You'll want to exercise caution, though, as "rub someone the wrong way" and it could have dire consequences. Even if you correctly accuse the murderer, when one door closes another is opened, as the game is meant to be replayed with different variables. There are ten different cases to solve, each with its own "unique set of twists and turns," allowing you to rank up as an investigator as you progress.

If you think you're capable of deciding whodunit, then it's time for action, as Quiet on Set is available now on Steam for Windows PC.


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