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The Traveller's Sight looks ahead to PC and console release

The Traveller's Sight looks ahead to PC and console release
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Paranormal FMV mystery from the creators of The World After successfully crowdfunded in France

Indie French developer Burning Sunset made good use of the pandemic by weaving it into the storyline of their debut adventure, the surreal 2021 FMV thriller The World After. There are no such restrictions for their encore, The Traveller's Sight, giving the team more freedom to build on what they do best with a brand new live-action paranonormal mystery.  

A young woman named Laurène Delgado is killed under suspicous circumstances in a small French town, and Vincent Dumas, an "investigator with supernatural powers," believes he can discover the truth about her murder. But this is no ordinary case in an ordinary town, as Vincent soon realizes when he uncovers details of its "obscure history." By interrogating the locals and using his unique gifts to communicate with the "mysterious creatures that haunt the area" in search of clues, Vincent finds himself drawn "further than he could have imagined" into a tale of deadly occult mysticism. So beware the choices you make on his behalf, as they will have consequences that shape the outcome of the story.

As with its predecessor, The Traveller's Sight is being filmed on location using real actors, this time with a distinctly "film noir atmosphere full of mystery and magic." And what a location it is, with gorgeous seaside caves, old ruins, gently flowing rivers, cemeteries, side streets and more. It seems like such an idyllic place ... except for the satanic rituals and dead people, that is, which the protagonist's extrasensory vision allows him to see when others cannot. You'll have plenty of decisions to make, both in and out of conversation, but this is more than an interactive movie, with elements of exploration, inventory collection and puzzle solving to be done along the way. There will even be an arcade terminal for a little diversion, offering the chance to play a rail shooter called "Code: Vengeance 2 - Return of the Dragon."

Having successfully secured some financial support through the French crowdfunding site KissKissBankBank, the developers can now dive into production of The Traveller's Sight with both French and English voice-overs and text, as well as subtitles for German, Spanish, Italian and Simplified Chinese. While no target date has yet been announced, the game will be released first on Windows and Mac plaforms sometime before the end of 2024, followed by PlayStation, Switch and Xbox consoles later on. 


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