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The Stone Cutter and the Mountain Spirit lands on Steam

The Stone Cutter and the Mountain Spirit lands on Steam
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Isometric hand-drawn interactive fairy tale available now for download on Windows PC


We've all heard fairy tales about princesses and witches and pixies and wish-granting magic, but other cultures have fairy tales too, like the one told in The Stone Cutter and the Mountain Spirit, a newly released interactive narrative adventure set in ancient Japan.

While story details are sparse, the game's poor titular stone cutter "gets tired of his simple life" until he meets the Mountain Spirit, who "fulfills his deepest desires." But will it be a case of living happily ever after? The only way to know is to guide him through this leisurely tale about "the Wills that move us and the Transformations we go through in our lives."

Hand-drawn to resemble traditional Asian paintings, The Stone Cutter and the Mountain Spirit is described as a point-and-click "journey of self-discovery" that promises "a bit of philosophy and Oriental wisdom." Players will explore a variety of scenic environments largely from an isometric perspective, accompanied by an original soundtrack that "changes with the player's transformations." Along the way you'll chat with the people you meet, seek items needed to progress and solve "a lot" of puzzles with different mechanics in order to progress. Even with all its puzzles, the gameplay is not intended to be difficult in a short experience that is only projected to provide about an hour of play time.

If you're wishing you could play this game for yourself, your desire can be fulfilled right away as The Stone Cutter and the Mountain Spirit is now available on Steam for Windows PC.


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