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Uproot unearthed on Windows PC

Uproot unearthed on Windows PC
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Hand-painted point-and-click adventure starring an anthropomorphic mandrake available now on Steam


Guardians of the Galaxy may have have made walking, talking tree-like figures popular, but indie developer Strongshell Software has taken the idea and run with it in their newly released point-and-click adventure, Uproot.

The game stars Ygg, an anthropomorphic young mandrake who "naively leaves the safety of his village." The wide-eyed Ygg is oblivious to the challenges that await young roots in the wider world, but with "great curiosity and an even bigger heart" he is confident in his ability to confront them when they arise. He'll need all of that and more, including keeping his wits about him, if he's to retrieve his stolen "special purple leaf" from the nefarous Rat King.

Presented in a charming hand-painted art style with voiced dialogue, Uproot will send its inexperienced protagonist through a variety of unique environments, ranging from "the safety of his forest town into the unforgiving wilds." Along the way he will meet other "magical creatures" including fellow mandrakes, "sly rats, wise lizards and a space squid," not all of which will prove to be friendly. Ygg will need to grow up fast as he learns who can be trusted to help him with his quest.

If you like the sounds of Uproot, you can dig in right away as the game is available now on Steam for Windows PC.


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