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Don't Nod to bring canine tale Koira to PC

Don't Nod to bring canine tale Koira to PC
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Wordless hand-drawn fantasy adventure coming in 2025 from indie Belgian developer Studio Tolima


A puppy is a precious creature, but also an extremely vulnerable one. It'll be your task to protect just such a young canine companion in the upcoming Koira, a hand-drawn adventure from indie Belgian developer Studio Tolima to be published by Don't Nod.

Players control a small forest spirit who awakens far from home to the distant echoes of a dog barking through the trees. Sensing the poor animal is in distress, she rushes to find it and before long comes face to face with a friendly little puppy. The woods are full of threats to such a defenseless pup all alone, so the forest spirit resolves to care for it like her own. And so the pair set out on a journey to find their way back to the spirit girl's home, along the way learning to "rely on their unique abilities to protect each other from lurking danger and overcome challenges."

The enchanted world of Koira is presented in a lovely hand-drawn 2D art style accompanied by an instrumental soundtrack designed to foster a "heartwarming atmosphere." The emotionally evocative "poetic narrative" explores the theme of friendship with a "thoughtful and minimalistic approach," while the gameplay sees the two protagonists "solve ancient puzzles" and meet (and sometimes run from) various woodland creatures scattered throughout this musical forest. As they progress, they'll deepen their bond by sharing playful moments and depending on each other's previously "untapped powers" to survive.

Koira is still a fair way off, with a release date not expected until sometime in 2025. In the meantime, however, the game is ready for wishlisting on Steam, and you can follow its progress through the official website.

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  1. Belgian studio?! Woohoo! ;) Oh, Brussels, I guess there's a good chance they speak French then... :D


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