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The Murder Hotel currently under construction

The Murder Hotel currently under construction
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Supernatural serial murder mystery "with a twist" unveiled for Windows PC on Steam


It may have been "Hotel California" that coined the phrase "You can check out any time you like, but you can never leave," but it fits just as well for the upcoming mystery adventure The Murder Hotel.

Okay, it's not that you can never leave, but not until you've done the bidding of a "demonic hotelier" named Gastfenger. You are a "reluctant detective" named Ilmarinen, and you're trapped in the "foreboding Fafnir Hotel" until you solve five murder cases. But there's a catch, and it's a big one. Here you already know whodunit – Gastfenger himself killed his own guests. Your task is to "investigate and successfully blame one of the other guests as the culprit." Convince the Demon Council of your solution five times and you'll be allowed to leave. However, "lose just once, and you'll stay here, forever."

Described as a "detective adventure with a twist," The Murder Hotel is a hand-painted visual novel-styled adventure in which you must "interrogate suspects, search for clues, and uncover a dastardly plot." There are fourteen human guests at the hotel, but you'll also encounter "a handful of demons, all with their own backstories and dark secrets." Clues come in the form of paper words that can be used to "form your own sentences" for use in conversation. There are "multiple ways and theories to win a trial," so it's your choice how you want to approach the resolution of each "twisted crime." And perhaps, if you're clever enough, you'll even find a way to outsmart the "Dream Demon" himself if you can "find out why the murders are happening and how to put an end to them."

There is no target release date for The Murder Hotel just yet, but the game is now ready for wishlisting on Steam for Windows PC.


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