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First chapter of Barrett Foster detected on PC

First chapter of Barrett Foster detected on PC
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Free prologue of indie investigative mystery also available on Steam and Epic Games Store


A detective should never get too close to a case, but you can throw that advice out the window when the case involves the unexplained disappearance of two of your closest friends. This is the very "dramatic personal investigation" players must face as the titular star of Particules Studio's newly released Barrett Foster: Chapter One.

The story actually begins in the free playable prologue (available on Steam and Epic), in which the "famous inspector" receives a phone message from his friend Emma, desparately apologizing and saying that she and Gabriel must leave immediately without saying why or where they'd be going. Barrett, of course, heads to his friends' luxury home in search of clues, which he finds in the way of cryptic notes scattered about. But he gets more than he bargained for when ... well, suffice it to say, when the events of Chapter One pick up where the prologue left off, with Barrett waking up with a headache, trapped in a "small closed room on the 60th floor of a skyscraper." Suddenly Emma and George's disappearance takes a back seat to his own, as Barrett must find a way to get out alive, which will prove to be anything but an easy task.

Players will step directly into the first-person shoes of Barrett in this free-roaming 3D adventure. Via keyboard and mouse controls, you must thoroughly navigate the environment in search of items and clues needed to learn more about what is happening and solve the puzzles preventing your escape. In a story that takes players "on a journey through time, history and culture," the developers promise enough challenge that even "beyond your personal knowledge, you will undoubtedly have to call on outside help (research, friends, etc.) to hope to reach the end." However, if you prefer your adventures a little less demanding, at least the prologue comes with four different difficulty settings to choose from.

If you like what you see of the prologue, the full first chapter of Barrett Foster is now available to download as well from Steam and Epic for Windows PC.


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