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June is the time for SENSEs: Midnight on consoles

June is the time for SENSEs: Midnight on consoles
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Ports of old-school 3D survival horror coming to PlayStation, Xbox and Nintendo Switch platforms


In 2020, Suzaka released Sense: A Cyberpunk Ghost Story, a side-scrolling supernatural thriller set in 2083 Neo Hong Kong. For a follow-up, the indie Japanese developer leaned even further into the old-school roots of survival horror classics with SENSEs: Midnight, which will soon be released on consoles following its earlier launch on PC.

Players control Uesugi Kaho, an "outgoing and adventurous college student and member of her school's occult research club." During a visit to see her family in Japan, she is dared by her fellow club members to "investigate an infamous urban legend, The Midnight Door of Ikebukuro Walking Park." Initially excited about the opportunity to "prove the legend true and capture positive proof of the paranormal," Kaho soon realizes her dreadful mistake when she awakens "vengeful spirits who pursue her through a lonely night of terror."

Midnight is intended to be the first in an anthology of sequels to the original game, though it tells a completely standalone story with a brand new protagonist. There are plenty of other changes as well, as this game introduces full 3D graphics with tank controls and fixed camera angles, inspired by the likes of the Fatal Frame and later Clock Tower titles. There will still be environmental puzzles to solve throughout an "authentic Japanese setting" as you seek to uncover the park's secrets, but along with the new mechanics comes an increased focus on survival. You'll now have limited inventory slots to manage, and you'll need to "weigh risk and reward on puzzles that may alert vengeful spirits." If that happens, you must find hiding spots to conceal yourself in order to live through the night, with only a single place to save your game should you perish.

Originally launched on Steam in July 2022, SENSEs: Midnight will be arriving digitally on PlayStation, Xbox and Nintendo Switch consoles sometime in June, along with physical editions for PS5 and Switch.


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