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Demo set free for Dejar Ir

Demo set free for Dejar Ir
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Full version of “pandemic soulful tale” based on different works of art coming soon to PC and consoles


It’s hard to say anything good came from COVID-19, but look hard enough and there are a few silver linings. One such unexpected benefit is the unique and emotional journey of Dejar Ir by Digital Fractal and Firenut Games, a “Pandemic Soulful Tale” coming to PC and consoles.

Rather than tell an overt story, Dejar Ir is an exploratory game about four different emotions – probably the same ones we all felt when the pandemic started a few years ago. Players will travel through four surreal worlds, connected yet unique, in this “personal and intimate” journey based on the paintings of artist María Jesús Rodríguez de la Torre. Though born out of feelings of “separation and sadness,” the game’s “psychopoetic narrative” promises to culminate in what the developer describes as “one of the most beautiful feelings: joy.”

Presented in first-person 3D, Dejar Ir will feature different puzzles to solve throughout its extraordinary dream-like environments, all expressed through paintings where the main character is the artist. What it all means is left open to interpretation, but “uncertainty, memories and hope are some of the signs” intended to give the experience meaning. A playable demo on Steam begins in a dystopian setting where the first task is solving a puzzle to enter the large house nearby, upon which you will fall into what feels like another world entirely.

The demo will have to tide you over a little while longer, but it shouldn’t be too long as the full version of Dejar Ir is “coming soon” for Windows PC.


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