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Criminal Expert detected on PC following earlier Switch release

Criminal Expert detected on PC following earlier Switch release
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Time-limited, choice-driven FMV detective mystery available now for download on Steam


Most adventure games can be played at your leisure, but the odds of solving major crimes drop dramatically after 48 hours have passed. Forever Entertainment throws in an extra 24 hours for good measure, but time is still literally ticking in Criminal Expert, an FMV detective mystery now on PC following its earlier debut on Switch.

When a passing driver comes upon a woman named Justyna, terrified, bruised and dazed on a remote forest road, it's up to you as the police investigator to piece together the "unexplained circumstances" that led to this point. Questions abound, starting with the obvious: "Who is this person and what was she doing there?" Was she kidnapped and fleeing from her captor? Are your witnesses telling the truth? Is Justyna? Is she even in her right mind? As you probe deeper, you'll need to decide whom to trust, but you'll need to be quick, as you have only three days to complete your investigation and determine the truth.

Criminal Expert is a much different game than the developer's previous adventure game, 2013's Violett. This is a largely FMV mystery with live actors filmed in their native Polish, subtitled in English. With your previous few hours "inexorably passing" with every step you take, there's no time to delay as you call in witnesses (and potential suspects) to interrogate, order searches, scour physical environments for evidence, search for relevant information in the police database, and combine facts to form theories. Every detail matters, as do your choices, as there are "multiple selections paths" that let you decide how it will all ultimately end.

Originally released on the Nintendo eShop for Switch in August 2022, Criminal Expert has now been ported to Windows PC and launched on Steam.


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