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Elsewhere in the Night turns up on

Elsewhere in the Night turns up on
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Creator of The Corruption Within releases pay-what-you-want "psychic noir" murder mystery inspired by Manhunter


If you think things are tough in our economies these days, be thankful you don't live in Glass City, the dystopian setting for a newly released freeware game from Cosmic Void and Ross Joseph Gardner called Elsewhere in the Night.

Glass City is a place where "the sky is sick [and] the streets weep molten metal." Everything is so expensive that "no one can afford to live." Except the rich, of course, who just seem to keep getting richer while the poor become even more destitute. And now they're becoming dead, as there is someone "stalking the streets, killing off the homeless" and brutally gouging out their eyes. The only one who can hope to catch the murderer is Lady Tick Tock, a "private detective with the means of speaking to the dead." Her powers will come in very handy in this particular case, as the dead have plenty to say these days.

As one look at the trailer or screenshots will make instantly clear, Elsewhere in the Night is heavily inspired by the art style of Sierra's Manhunter series of the late 1980s, proudly displaying its "16 glorious colors and chunky wide pixels." Presented in simple first-person point-and-click, this "psychic noir" mystery set in a modern world with hints of Greek mythology wisely forgoes the less desirable elements of that era, however, promising to be free of "arcade sequences, obtuse puzzles, or dead ends" so that you can play at your leisure without fear of becoming "hopelessly stuck."

With a projected play time of about an hour, Elsewhere in the Night can be downloaded free from for Windows PC, though there's an option to pay what you want if you'd like to support the developer behind such commercial adventures as Void Breach, The Corruption Within, and the more recent Blood Nova.


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