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Teresa Moontyners to emerge soon from the lair of the beast

Teresa Moontyners to emerge soon from the lair of the beast
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Fantastical adventure beneath the snowy Italian Alps available December 14th on Steam for Windows PC


A trip to the Alps may sound like a fun vacation getaway for skiiers, but for adventure gamers it means something entirely different: a fantastical point-and-click investigation in 1Monkey2Brains' rapidly upcoming Teresa Moontyners: In the lair of the beast.

It's 1995, and the eponymous star is a private investigator send to "a remote place in northern Italy on the Swiss border" to track down the whereabouts of three missing researchers. Near the outpost she discovers a cave shaped like a giant beast, but once inside she finds it was much easier to enter than to escape again. Adding to her troubles, it turns out she's not alone beneath the mountain, which is home to a "magical and frightening creature," though this Yeti-like beast may not be the "monster" she needs to fear the most.

A point-and-click adventure set in a 3D world, Teresa Moontyners will take players into the subterranean heart of the titular lair, through an "intricate labyrinth of tunnels, chasms and ancient works forgotten by time." Along the way there will be plenty of puzzles to solve if the trapped protagonist is going to find an exit and regain her freedom. But beware, as resources are scarce and one wrong move could result in a "bitter conclusion."

If you're game for a little wintry spelunking, you don't have long to wait as Teresa Moontyners: In the lair of the beast is due to be launched on Steam on December 14th for Windows PC.


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