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Sleep Paralysis: The Uncanny Valley up and out soon on Steam

Sleep Paralysis: The Uncanny Valley up and out soon on Steam
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First-person 3D psychological horror adventure to launch December 14th for Windows PC


Sleep paralysis is a very real thing, wherein you regain consciousness while your body is still in its relaxed REM sleep mode. Usually it goes away in a few seconds or minutes and causes no permanent damage beyond a temporary case of the heebie jeebies. And sometimes ... well, that's precisely what Limited Insight Studios' upcoming psychological thriller Sleep Paralysis: The Uncanny Valley is aiming to show us first-hand.

It's 2018, British Columbia, Canada, where a troubled man named Thomas resides in a "lonely house" trying to find a cure for his sleep paralysis. But is his affliction starting to take a deeper toll on his sanity? It appears that way when Thomas awakens to find that while he's still in his room, this time "something feels different... something IS different." From that point on, players will need to guide Thomas in dealing with the traumas that have plagued him for many years, ranging from a fear of flying to abusive exes, and even the terrors induced by disturbing movies, all while his grasp of reality becomes ever more and more tenuous.

Presented in free-roaming first-person 3D and narrated by Thomas himself as he recounts his ordeal, Sleep Paralysis tasks players with exploring both the secluded homestead and the various manifestations of the protagonist's fears. There will be puzzles to solve in order to progress, as you seek information that will shed light on what's happening through "websites, notes, pictures, video tapes" and other sources. You'll also need to make "meaningful decisions" along the way, which will "influence whether you will fall into darkness and lose your mind, or survive and come out stronger." Thomas can only endure a certain amount of stress, so it's up to you to "make sure you are dealing with his fears and stress in the right way."

There aren't many sleeps left before Sleep Paralysis: The Uncanny Valley is released, as the game is due to launch on Steam for Windows PC on December 14th.


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