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Morriton Manor Stories: Nordic Whispers preparing to be unlocked on Steam

Morriton Manor Stories: Nordic Whispers preparing to be unlocked on Steam
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Time-looping mystery from the creators of Unforeseen Incidents based on the popular German Rocket Beans TV show

The name "Morriton Manor" may not be well known outside of Germany, but the popular Rocket Beans live tabletop RPG TV show will soon be ready to make some noise internationally with an interactive adaptation called Morriton Manor Stories: Nordic Whispers, from Backwoods Entertainment. 

The mysterious island belonging to the Fortvil family is thought to be damned, a place of "unimaginable horrors, demonic curses, and mysterious creatures from the underworld." It sounds like a case for the famed Morriton Manor Investigators, but the four noblemen themselves disappear soon after their arrival. Now it's up to Leah Glessner, a "Private Investigator of the Supernatural," to follow in their footsteps and rescue the missing detectives. It won't be easy, however, as along with the presence of horrific entities, the island is "trapped in a never-ending time loop." Fortunately Leah possesses a photographic memory, which she'll need to put to good use as she "sets out to solve a case full of mystery, strange characters, intrigue, and unexplainable phenomena."

Originally unveiled as Pen & Paper Stories: Morriton Manor, the newly rebranded Morriton Manor Stories looks much like the developer's hit 2018 adventure Unforeseen Incidents with its stylish hand-drawn aesthetic. And indeed much of the game plays out like a traditional detective mystery as you explore the Victorian-era island in search of clues. Here, however, the story is presented from an isometric perspective and includes RPG narrative elements as players "customize the skills of the protagonist and shape Leah Glessner’s approach to the investigation." Using Leah's gift of photographic memory, you'll be able to "recall key information at crucial moments," and "mastering your memories allows you to influence dice rolls and boost your character’s stats." Only by upgrading your abilities can you succeed in making the tough decisions needed to "unravel the island's darkest secrets and ... find your perfect way through a time loop."

There is no target release date for Morriton Manor Stories: Nordic Whispers, and it remains to be seen whether it arrives before or after the German developer's other upcoming game, We Stay Behind. Production is currently underway, however, and the game will available on Steam for Windows, Mac and Linux when finished. 


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