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Demo for Enoch: Children of Fate delivered on Steam

Demo for Enoch: Children of Fate delivered on Steam
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Full version of dystopian point-and-click pixel art mystery due to arrive in early 2025

If mankind were ever to create a massive ark for outer space to ensure the survival of the species, what would we do with it? Would we make good on the second chance, learning from our mistakes and ensuring a much more harmonious, prosperous future? Or would we just muck it up too, with all the tragedy and drama that entails? The first option would be much better the for the human race, but the second makes for much better gaming material, like in Evil Pug Games' upcoming dystopian cyberpunk adventure, Enoch: Children of Fate.

Following a catastrophic event on the planet, the titular space station was launched as "humanity's last bastion." The station is divided into two giant cylinders that simulate gravity; unfortunately the "vast majority of the population lives in abject poverty in Cylinder B while a wealthy minority live in an agricultural paradise in Cylinder A." Not surprisingly, hundreds of years later the result is a "boiling social conflict between classes," and life in Cylinder B has become plagued by "murders, missing teenagers, and gang wars." Against this backdrop, the game tells the story of not one protagonist but six playable characters whose fates become intertwined following the murder of a "low-level gang leader."

Described as a "sci-fi adventure with a noir twist," Enoch will feature full voice-overs and a stylish third-person pixel art presentation with a classic two-button point-and-click method of interaction. Over the course of a projected eight or so hours of gameplay, there will be plenty of exploring to do, people to talk to, items to collect and puzzles to solve, just as in any traditional adventure. What makes this game stand out from most is its nonlinear progression and interweaving stories of the six main characters, who must all work out their "personal struggles as greater events unfold aboard Enoch Space Station."

There's Arten Long, a "sarcastic criminal investigator struggling with her addictions and her traumatic past," who is called to the crime scene that serves as a catalyst for the rest of the game, along with her straightlaced partner John Nakanaga, who has the "heart of a boy scout." In Cylinder A is the wealthy Marcus Laverne, who "truly believes in a more equitable society for everyone in Enoch" but finds himself the prime murder suspect and forced to deal with his brother Trent, a militiaman with whom he has a contentious relationship. Then there's young Alice, one of the "missing teenagers trying to escape a strange environment," and Swan, a "cold-blooded killer with an unknown past." 

We won't get to meet all of these characters until sometime in the first quarter of 2025, when Enoch: Children of Fate arrives on Windows PC. However, you can see for yourself how it all gets started by visiting the grisly murder scene in the playable demo available now on Steam.


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