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Pine: A Story of Loss growing closer to 2024 release

Pine: A Story of Loss growing closer to 2024 release
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Poignant narrative reflection of a widowed woodworker coming to PC, Switch and mobile devices

A pine is an evergreen conifer tree with needles rather than leaves, and a (potentially) long life span. But to pine means to suffer from yearning, often for those with much shorter life spans. Players are guaranteed to experience a lot of both in the upcoming reflective narrative adventure from indie developer Made Up Games, aptly named Pine: A Story of Loss.

This is a very personal story of a woodworker grieving the recent loss of his beloved wife, with whom he shared a loving, secluded life in a forest glade. As time passes and seasons change, he attempts to move on by carrying out his usual daily tasks, such as "collecting water, thatching the roof, or planting crops." However, each chore serves as a vivid reminder of his wife and the cherished times they spent together. To capture these relived moments and honour them more tangibly, he begins carving them into wood, but "while each one is a promise to her memory, they soon become a dangerous obsession."

Pine is presented in a lovely hand-drawn and animated "impressionistic" art style depicting a charming rustic setting whose beautiful natural landscapes transform with the seasons throughout the year. Its "poignant and reflective story" is conveyed entirely without words, designed to be played in just one or two sittings. As you help the protagonist grapple with his grief, everyday jobs such as "tending to his garden and gathering wood for the next winter" play out through a variety of small puzzles and minigames. Each wooden memento is formed through a "unique carving mechanic [that] lets you create the carvings with the woodworker’s hands," but the more you carve, the more you'll become aware of the toll taken by clinging to the past instead of learning to let go. 

No firm target release date has been announced just yet, but Pine: A Story of Loss is due to be launched on Steam for Windows and Mac sometime later this year, along with mobile versions and a console release for Nintendo Switch.


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