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Great God Grove to be ripe for the picking later this year

Great God Grove to be ripe for the picking later this year
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Quirky new adventure from the creator of Smile for Me unveiled for Windows PC

Most popular expressions are only meant figuratively, but Great God Grove, the quirky new upcoming adventure from LimboLane, is preparing to give the phrase "you took the words right out of my mouth" an entirely literal meaning. 

Once every generation, the gods "come together to postpone the apocalypse." But they're a peculiar, diverse bunch, so this agreement requires a great deal of cooperation. King, the god of communication, is usually essential to its success, but this year is different, as he has inexplicably "started a bunch of godly fights and then went AWOL" instead. With the world of deities in chaos and the world of mortals in jeopardy, with no direct line of  communication between them, it's up to the new mail carrier to "suck up lines of dialogue" with his unique cannon and then launch them back out to solve puzzles and hopefully ward off human extinction in the process.

As with Smile for Me, the two-person indie developer's delightfully charming debut adventure, Great God Grove looks to be another game that embraces their love for "the kitschy, the surreal, and the utterly bizarre." The wacky cartoon art style will be presented in both first- and third-person perspectives at various times, with simulated sounds representing voices for sixty eclectic characters, including "eight weird gods." Each has their own personality and troubles, so players should expect the unexpected in their travels across a large map, from "godly crushes" to "pumpkin fights" and "puppets cooking," to name just a few. Unlike its "nod and shake" predecessor, here words will be at the crux of the experience. As you listen to people's (or gods') "woes and wonders," you'll need to discover the best way to respond using the words of others, hoovered up with your trusty "megapon" from completely different contexts and then expelled back out for maximum effect. Or you could try completely wrong responses "just to see how they’ll react." It's not like the fate of the world is at stake or anything.

While no firm release date for Great God Grove has yet been announced, the pending apocalypse is due to arrive sometime later this year on Steam for Windows PC, so let the doomsday countdown begin!


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