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Astrid: Reverie contemplating release on PC

Astrid: Reverie contemplating release on PC
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First-person 3D psychological mystery with live-action video coming soon on Steam

Why is it so many of our best technologies end up having unintended consequences, or even being used for nefarious purposes never intended by their creators? That's an important question in the real world but even more prevalent in popular sci-fi entertainment, and will be once again in Trapped Predator's upcoming Astrid: Reverie. (Of course, it wouldn't make for much of a game if it didn't.)

In the near future, scientists have invented a technology that can "digitize our knowledge and memories." Everything a person has ever thought or experienced and wants immortalized can be "extracted, copied, and sold" through the use of a Mindscape, which "allows a person to enter the depths of their mind." Against this backdrop, enter the eponymous Astrid, whose life has recently begun falling apart. Almost overnight she "loses her job, her relationships have become strained, [and] she is plagued by excruciating headaches and strange episodes of vertigo." Finally, when "terrifying hallucinations start to haunt her, Astrid begins to suspect the answers might lie inside her own mind, and running from them is no longer an option." 

Much of the gameplay in Reverie occurs in free-roaming first-person 3D, in which you "investigate the world Astrid inhabits to unravel the mystery haunting her." Along the way you must search for clues and solve puzzles in order to "help Astrid navigate the dangerous depth of her subconscious." In between exploration sequences, the game is peppered with live-action FMV segments that present you with a series of choices. As you attempt to "face your fears and escape the defense mechanisms of Astrid's mind," your decisions will not only impact Astrid's relationships as people react to her behaviour, they can even "change the course of her story for the better or worse."

There is no release date for Astrid: Reverie at this point, but the game is available to wishlist on Steam and "coming soon" for Windows PC.


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