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Five Top Upcoming Adventure Games – June 2024

Five Top Upcoming Adventure Games – June 2024

Trailer compilation of the most anticipated new releases

So many new games, so hard to keep track! This list is by no means exhaustive, but our latest trailer compilation shines a spotlight on five of the most promising new adventures we're most excited about, due for release this month. In June we'll dissect the life of a haunted mortician, try to survive a catastrophic sea storm in a new thriller from The Chinese Room, play mind games as a coping mechanism with the creator of The Samaritan Paradox and co-creator of Kathy Rain, explore a deep-sea shipwreck with great personal meaning, and get all the hottest news as an intergalactic reporter. 

EDIT:  Oh, and there's another little nugget that dropped shortly after posting. Perhaps you've heard of Cyan's Riven remake? Bonus coverage! 

Featured this month:

Autopsy Simulator 
Still Wakes the Deep 
Midnight Margo 
Thalassa: Edge of the Abyss 
Times & Galaxy

But that's not all! Last and late, but certainly not least:

Other notable releases due out in June:

Tamarindos Freaking Dinner
DETECTIVE – Minerva Case   
VENARI – Escape Room Adventure
Chromatic Memories    
Aarik and the Ruined Kingdom    
Uncover the Smoking Gun    
Stray Gods: The Roleplaying Musical – Orpheus (DLC) 
Bureau of Contacts (Early Access)
Quintus and the Formidable Curse   


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  1. Isn't "Bureau of Contacts" coming out in June as well? If it is, it's a favorite.


  2. Sure is. It's listed under the "Other notable releases" section. It's an Early Access release, or it might have made the main video.


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