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Thalassa: Edge of the Abyss getting closer to June release

Thalassa: Edge of the Abyss getting closer to June release
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First-person 3D expedition aboard a sunken ship coming June 18th to Steam. 

Sunken ships are fascinating to explore, because they've carried not just one mystery but the stories of all aboard to their watery graves. However, descending to such depths is a great risk as well, as we so tragically learned just last year. Fortunately players will soon be able to safely undertake their own underwater adventure from the comfort of their own chairs when Sarepta Studio's Thalassa: Edge of the Abyss arrives on Steam in June.

It's 1905 when players step directly into the scuba boots of a deep-sea diver named Cam, whose former ship, the SS Thalassa, now lies "shipwrecked and abandoned on the sea floor." In an effort to find answers about what happened to your friends and fellow shipmates, and hopefully offer some peace to their bereaved families, you will need to "navigate through the debris of the Thalassa, avoiding obstacles, and using tools to unblock areas of the ship to continue exploring." As you progress, you'll uncover more and more clues left behind and begin to "piece them together to unravel the events leading up to disaster." In doing so, you may just be able to unblock the trauma of being the ship's soul survivor by "going back to the roots of the events."

The game's indie Norwegian developers are no stranger to narrative- and character-driven games, having previously won a BAFTA award for their social sim My Child Lebensborn. Thalassa promises to be a much different experience, however, as you'll get to freely explore the titular sunken wreck first-hand, immersed in realistic graphics intended to make you feel like you're really there. And yet the game is just as much a journey inward as it is an expedition through the submerged decks of the ship, promising a story of "self-discovery, intricate relationships, and sea-drenched sorrow." With regular radio communication from your diving supporter Bailey, the deeper you delve into your old vessel, the more you'll find yourself confronted with the "struggles of each member of the Thalassa, and explore how stress, grief, and loss impact the mind."  

It won't be long before we can both literally and figuratively dive in, as Thalassa: Edge of the Abyss is due to be launched on Steam for Windows PC on June 18th. 


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