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Demo has the scoop on Times & Galaxy

Demo has the scoop on Times & Galaxy
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Cartoon journalism adventure in space coming to PC on Steam in 2024


Machines are writing now! No no, I don't mean the new wave of chat AIs, but rather the star of Times & Galaxy, an upcoming sci-fi narrative adventure about the first ever robo reporter looking for a big scoop in the most unlikely of places.

Players control a lowly intern at the highly respected Times & Galaxy holopaper. As the first of your kind to break into the journalism ranks, you've got your work cut out for you, paying your dues with the most seemingly inane assignments like "intersolar cat shows, explosive toy launches, and, of course, space ghost funerals — everything the denizens of the Dorp system need to read with their piping hot mug of oil and a cosmic croissant." Travelling aboard the giant mobile pressroom called the Scanner, you'll "befriend a colorful cast of alien colleagues and a diverse crew of weirdos" in your efforts to "chase leads and interview sources" for your articles. And if you prove yourself able to "get the scoop, write great stories and impress your boss, maybe you’ll get to keep your job!"

Created by former journalists, Times & Galaxy is a whimsical cartoon adventure that gives you "17 cycles to prove that you belong in the newsroom." Your contributions impact the paper's reputation, so every choice and action you take matters. Each cycle you'll be given several story options to choose from, whether "investigating a shuttle crash, covering a robo fight, or even writing about a new curriculum for alien schools." There are over 100 different characters in total to interrogate with "a lot of questions" to help you gather information that may not be apparent at first. Once you have the details you need, you'll use the "Build-a-Story tool" to construct the various parts of your report (headline, lede, key quote, etc.) that will determine its success or failure. In between assignments, you'll have the chance to get to know your fellow crewmates, who will gradually "upgrade your systems to turn you into a super-powered truth sleuth." Of course, you'll have to pitch in and "help keep the ship from falling into chaos on your days off."

The full version of Times & Galaxy isn't due to arrive on Windows PC until sometime next year, but you can get a sample taste right away with the playable demo available now on Steam, giving you an early opportunity to try your hand at some "space journalism."


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