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Stupid fun with the designers of Sleepytime Village

Stupid fun with the designers of Sleepytime Village

To help launch the Lightfoot Bros' Kickstarter for Sleepytime Village in style, Jack and Joshua were joined by the studio's own James Lightfoot and comics writer/artist Steven Horry to talk about adapting Steve’s graphic novel as an interactive, full-blown adventure (puzzles and all!). Find out all about the different layers of this great-looking upcoming psychological mystery adventure set in a twisted dream world, discover just what gives James and Steve nightmares, and even get some updated news on the team's first adventure, The Mystery of Woolley Mountain.

The group also put their collective heads together to brainstorm a topic near and dear to all of them: how to share their work with a wider audience. (Pssst. The solution may be something that viewers and listeners can be a part of.) 

Bonus top five: Stupid or silly (for better or worse!) games, books, songs, even musical intruments! 

Fair warning: Jack took the lead host reins for this one, so there’s no telling just how far off the rails it may go.


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