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Sleepytime Village to awaken on PC late this year

Sleepytime Village to awaken on PC late this year
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Narrative fantasy adventure from the creators of The Mystery of Woolley Mountain coming December 29th


There is always something of a generational divide, from grandparents to parents to children and eventually their children. The creators of The Mystery of Woolley Mountain plan to explore the strained nature of these relationships and how "the sensibilities through the generations distort and twist the perceptions of what is important" in their upcoming narrative adventure, Sleepytime Village.

Rufus Stone is a "neglectful, workaholic father" whose many bad decisions finally catch up to him when he "becomes trapped in a children’s storybook reality" and now needs to figure out how to get back home. Spurred on by the "seemingly omniscient narrator" in Sleepytime Village, Rufus experiences visions of his own childhood and encounters a variety of residents who seem to come straight out of children's books and television shows. They seem harmless enough at first, but each has their own motivations to 'help' Rufus "learn the lessons he needs to change his outlook." If the protagonist is ever going to escape and make things right in his own life, he'll have to discover for himself that "to learn how to be an adult you have to act like a kid."

As with the previous game from Lightfoot Bros Games, Sleepytime Village is a hand-painted, classic-styled point-and-click adventure. As Rufus explores the mysterious storybook town, he must search for particular objects that don't belong there, which "when collected transport him back to the 'real world' in the form of a flashback so he can get some insight into his past and recent present." Along the way there will be "heavy choices" to make – including the possibility of making more bad ones – that will open up multiple branching paths whose course will depend on whether or not "the lessons the village is trying to teach are being taken on board."

While we're still almost a year away from the release of Sleepytime Village, you can already mark your calendars for December 29th, when the game will be launched on Steam for Windows and Mac. To follow its progress in the meantime, be sure to check out the game's official website for ongoing details.


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