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Dave Grossman in Conversations with Curtis – A Video Interview

Dave Grossman in Conversations with Curtis – A Video Interview
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Our celebration of 30 years of Day of the Tentacle continues! Following Cressup's chat with Tim Schafer, today we're pleased to present the next Adventure Game Hotspot Network installment of Conversations with Curtis, as host Daniel Albu welcomes DOTT co-creator Dave Grossman for an extensive video interview.

Dave has done so much more than Bernard, Laverne and Hoagie's time-traveling adventure, of course. In fact, you could split his incredible career into three distinct groups, each of which alone would be the envy of mere mortal game developers. Daniel and Dave get into it all, from Dave's start at LucasArts (including the first two Monkey Islands, Full Throttle and more) to his freelance years that included gigs for Humongous Games (Pajama Sam), to his influential time at Telltale (Bone, Sam & Max, Back to the Future, The Walking Dead, The Wolf Among Us, to name just a few). Plus there's that recent little title called Return to Monkey Island he designed with Ron Gilbert.

Whew! It's no wonder it took over three hours to cover it all! Highlights are too numerous to mention, but listen in as Dave shares tales of doing "research" on pirates by watching Error Flynn movies in the private screening room at Skywalker Ranch, getting out of a leadership role on The Dig before having a chance to "screw it up," finding himself "accidentally" becoming a children's game author and (intentionally) an audio game designer at Earplay, and how he and Tim Schafer became the original speedrunners of The Secret of Monkey Island in their spare time. And of course Dave explains why Day of the Tentacle "totally is" the best adventure game ever made.

All this and more – including hints of Dave's next project – is just a click away, so sit back and enjoy this insightful conversation about a truly impressive career.



Besides making awesome adventure games, discover what other creative passions Dave Grossman likes to do for fun on Phrenopolis.


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