Tim Schafer video interview: 30 Years of Day of the Tentacle, Psych Odyssey and AI in the Games Industry

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June 30, 2023

This year Day of the Tentacle celebrates its 30th anniversary, which means two things: first, a lot of us are getting old, but secondly, that it’s high time to take a look back at the 1993 LucasArts classic with the two men who designed it. First up is the legendary Tim Schafer, creator of so many fan favourites in addition to DOTT, including Full Throttle, Grim Fandango and the Psychonauts series (with Double Fine Productions), to name just a few.

In a wide-ranging interview with Cressup (aka Laura Cress), Tim chats about his start at Skywalker Ranch with Dave Grossman as fellow “SCUMMlets,” the value of experiencing crunch mode ONCE – but only once – when you’re still young enough to survive it, the contagious enthusiasm of Jack Black, and why AI writing is like “transporter steak” and dark chocolate is “basically like broccoli.” And speaking of food, don’t leave early, or you’ll miss finding out just what went on at LucasArts’s (“very badly named”) pizza orgies!

It’s a wonderful conversation filled with quintessential Schaferian humour, and Laura tries her darnedest to pry loose some details about the “new unannounced stuff” that Double Fine is working on now. (Spoiler alert: it WON’T be a sequel.) So sit back, take a load off for the next ninety minutes, and enjoy.



To watch more of Cressup’s video interviews, playthroughs and more streamed live, be sure to follow her Twitch channel.


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