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Tony Warriner (Revolution Software) on 30 years of Beneath A Steel Sky

Tony Warriner (Revolution Software) on 30 years of Beneath A Steel Sky
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Can you believe it was thirty years ago this month that the sci-fi point-and-click classic Beneath A Steel Sky came out? I certainly couldn't, but to commemorate the occasion I spoke to Tony Warriner, Revolution Software co-founder and one of the game's main designers and programmers, to reflect on the anniversary. We chatted about why it was such a difficult game to create, whether he thinks a remaster of the original could ever be made – perhaps in the same vein as Broken Sword Reforged – and, excitingly, about a new puzzle-platformer game he's working on as a solo dev, Wormhole Dungeon. See some exclusive screenshots from that project and much more in the interview below! 

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