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American Arcadia


Arcadia is a retro-futuristic 70s metropolis promising a life of luxury and comfort. But what its citizens don’t realize is they're starring in American Arcadia, the world’s most popular reality TV show that’s broadcast live 24/7. As countless viewers watch at home, a drop in your popularity can be a death sentence. Which is bad news if you’re an ordinary man with a mundane life. A man like Trevor Hills. Trevor has only one hope to survive: Angela Solano, an American Arcadia stage technician determined to help him escape. With Angela’s technical prowess and wits manipulating the world from the outside, Trevor just might make it out of Arcadia with his life. Available for Windows PC on Steam.




Like a bingeable TV show, American Arcadia is slickly presented and tightly paced, resulting in a charismatic and entertaining theme park ride of an adventure, even if the simple characters and somewhat unfocused approach to gameplay doesn’t foster much lasting impact. Read more



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