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Bramble: The Mountain King


A shy boy and his adventurous older sister sneak out at night and wander deep into a nearby forest. As they explore an old ancient ruin, the ground suddenly collapses and they tumble down through a sinkhole to the lost and magical world of Bramble. When a troll abducts the sister, the younger brother is left alone, lost in despair. If he's to rescue her and escape, he'll need to find the courage inside himself to face the sinister creatures and maddening darkness inspired by Nordic folklore. Available on PC, PlayStation, Xbox and Nintendo Switch platforms.




Bramble's action elements might prove challenging for those used to relaxed adventuring gameplay, but with its main focus on platforming, stealth and boss battles, this stunning and terrifying survival horror game artfully weaves Scandinavian folklore into its dark but gripping narrative. Read more



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