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The Classic Gamers Guild Podcast dishes the dirt on Leisure Suit Larry and The Dig

The Classic Gamers Guild Podcast dishes the dirt on Leisure Suit Larry and The Dig
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The Classic Gamers Guild Podcast, who in real people terms are known as Anna Vigue and Paul Korman, have got you covered no matter which side of the Sierra vs. LucasArts fence you're on. Their latest pair of shows tackle the ins and outs (ahem) of two legendary classics, which we'll let Paul (who moonlights as the developer of The Phantom Fellows) attempt to describe in his distinctively Paulian way, just bursting with double entendres. 

In Sierra Remake Comparison II: Leisure Suit Larry, Anna and I bring you the next installment in the Sierra Remake Series, This week we are comparing both versions of Leisure Suit Larry In The Land of the Lounge Lizards! It's EGA vs VGA, AGI vs SCI, parser vs point-and-click! Join us as we take you through both versions of Larry's origin story, examining the differences in gameplay, story and experience, and even bringing in a dash of Leisure Suit Larry Reloaded for good measure. We really went HARD on this one. Ya know. Really, ah, really did it to completion. Really, um, got intimate with the details. Explored every nook and cranny. Really bounced off each other. Had a... had a stimulating conversation. Really, we really come out on top this time. 

Okay okay, enjoy. Mangia!


In The Dig (Feat. Daniel Albu), Anna and I are joined by special guest Daniel Albu (Conversations with Curtis) to excavate deep into The Dig. It was actually more work to avoid saying "dig deep" than it was worth. Anyway, actually, that's kind of it. I mean, you know the deal: we talk about the game, which in this case is The Dig; you can already see we're joined by a guest, and like usual the guest is prolly the knowledgable one in the group, and then something something laughter and facts.* Mangia!

*Facts not guaranteed. Must be 18 years or older or have a parent check them.



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