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The Classic Gamers Guild Podcast gets gooey and interfaces with Wadjet Eye's Dave Gilbert (not necessarily in that order)

The Classic Gamers Guild Podcast gets gooey and interfaces with Wadjet Eye's Dave Gilbert (not necessarily in that order)
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Today we've got two years' worth of shows to share from our friends the Classic Gamers Guild Podcast! Well, technically only a pair of them spanning the end of 2023 and the start of 2024, but a calendar WAS flipped in between. In any case, the always delightful Anna Vigue and Paul Korman have been as busy as ever, bringing you more highly entertaining and occasionally even accidentally informative discussions of all-things-adventuring, with help from a very special guest in their latest episode.

We'd introduce what they're about, but no one can explain Paul like Paul, so we'll just hand over the proverbial mic to the talented indie developer behind The Phantom Fellows to lay the groundwork. When you start getting dizzy, just click the links.

"In Point, Click, Listen: Dave Gilbert (Wadjet Eye Games), Anna and I sit down with the legendary Dave Gilbert of Wadjet Eye games! This is a fun and flowy conversation covering many topics, from voice acting to adventure game interfaces, to raising stakes without death, to world building and lore. I mean more. No wait, I meant lore… Look, let's not bogged down by trying to make sense – just press play and Mangia!"


Point, Click, Listen: Dave Gilbert (Wadjet Eye Games)


"In Adventure Game Interfaces, Anna and I discuss things, using words. Mangia!

Okay, fine. We talk about interfaces, gooeys and unique game mechanics! What do I mean? Unclear! Okay okay, for starters, “gooey” is neat for GUIs, which is less nerdy for Graphical User Interfaces. And by interfaces I mean text parser, 9-verb, 2-click, Sierra point-and-click, verb coin and maybe more. And by unique game mechanics, well, we look at innovative gameplay mechanics used in adventures games such as Resonance, Whispers of a Machine and others. Look, at some point you're just gonna have to listen to it; this is as far as I can take you. Mangia!"


Adventure Game Interfaces


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