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The Classic Gamers Guild Podcast embraces the scary season and seeks out the best King's Quest

The Classic Gamers Guild Podcast embraces the scary season and seeks out the best King's Quest
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Everyone's getting into the Halloween spirit! That includes the Classic Gamers Guild Podcast, who delivered another frightfully entertaining two shows this month. Not only did The Phantom Fellows' Paul Korman and a special guest co-host pick their top horror games, but Paul and Anna Vigue did something scary themselves: they crowned a champion for one of Sierra's most beloved series, daring to invoke the wrath of passionate fans seeking revenge for the choices they snubbed.

As always, we'll let Paul introduce October's two must-listen podcasts:

In The Best King's Quest, Anna and I talk about the best King’s Quest game. Right away you’re prolly like, well, it’s between 2, maybe 3 of them. And not 2 like King’s Quest 2, because frankly, pee-youuu, that’s the worst one without a Conner in it. And KQ3, say what you will – you know what, I’m gonna stop talking now before I ruin it. Go, press play and mangia!

The Best King's Quest


In Oh, the Horror, I was joined by special guest Adventure Game Geek to go through our favorite scary, spooky and suspenseful adventure games! Sure, it kind of devolved into ranking games from 0 to "has a pumpkin in it," and sure, what was supposed to be a list of scary games turned into more, "well, at some point it's dark and raining, so that counts," but it's a fun time regardless. Mangia!

Oh, the Horror


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