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The Classic Gamers Guild Podcast Talks Childrens' Games and Immersive Environments

The Classic Gamers Guild Podcast Talks Childrens' Games and Immersive Environments
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The Classic Gamers Guild, aka Anna Vigue and Paul Korman, have been busy podcasting up a storm the past month, treating us to another pair of original, entertaining and thought-provoking discussions as they've done so often over the years. As partners in the Adventure Game Hotspot Network, we are pleased to help shine another spotlight on their insightful and often hilarious ruminations on all-things-adventure in their own unique way.

To introduce the podcasts in question, we'll let Paul (also the developer of The Phantom Fellows) describe them as only he can:

"This week Anna and I are talking about kids' games that you could totally play too if you want – we won't tell anyone what a bloody weirdo you are. We're talkin' your Pajama Sam, your Freddie Fish, your Adam (the kid from EcoQuest), your Pepper's Adventures in We Haven't Played That One Yet; we've got 'em all, folks. We even share helpful tips on how to indoctrinate your own kids with classic adventure games! Not helpful? Fine, we discuss the difference between edutainment and kids' games and how adventure games teach kids how to think, not what to think. Mangia!"

Adventure Games for Your Inner or Actual Child


"In this show Anna and I got all whipped up over Adventurous Environments or Immersive Environments or whatever other versions of this show's title we didn't use but also attempted to set an explorative mood. See, like, Exploring Environments won because it's both what we did aaand it's what these environments were made for. For exploring. So. We explored them. Okay fine, we talk about realistic vs stylized worlds, how different graphical versions change the mood of a game, the ingredients for a proper atmosphere and at least 3-6 other things. It was an exceptionally good time; you're gonna maybe love it. MANGIA!"

Exploring Environments


The Classic Gamers Guild Podcast is part of the Adventure Game Hotspot Network, a collective of talented, dedicated content producers who work entirely independently but have joined forces to promote each other’s efforts. 



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