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Adventure Game Geek goes Beyond the Edge of Owlsgard

Adventure Game Geek goes Beyond the Edge of Owlsgard
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After delving into the depths of Detritus, which lived down to its name, Adventure Game Geek decided to move onto something much more wholesome and fun: Beyond the Edge of Owlsgard, a traditional point-and-click adventure whose every pixel is alive with enough character and humor to charm your adventure gamer socks off.

We play as a young roebuck called Finn, who bursts onto the scene from out of the wool of an unsuspecting sheep he’s hitching a ride on, and right from the start our protagonist shows himself to be a fun, lighthearted creature we can enjoy going on an adventure with. He lives in the kingdom of Velehill, which is inhabited entirely by fellow animals. (If there were such a place, Geek would no doubt travel there on the back of a sheep, Owlsgard-style!) Not all is peaceful here, though, as not only have Finn’s parents mysteriously gone missing, but strange machines have started appearing that aren’t exactly friendly. In fact, they only seem interested in smashing you into the ground or eating you up and spitting out your bones. If you think this sounds like a terribly violent death, you’d be right! Owlsgard takes inspiration from Sierra with its sometimes gruesome game overs, which is refreshing to see in a modern adventure game that usually don’t have such consequences.

Beyond the Edge of Owlsgard was funded on Kickstarter in early 2022 and smashed its goal several times over. Geek can’t help backing adventure game Kickstarters, not only for the exclusive rewards, but also to help a game designer’s vision come to life, and in this case we're certainly happy he did. This is developer WatchDaToast’s first full-length release, and it’s a fantastic debut that celebrates everything we love about the good old adventure genre! Enjoy the video, and be sure to check out Adventure Game Hotspot's own review of the game when you're done.



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