Adventure Game Geek digs through Detritus: The Daemon’s Quest


June 10, 2023

In this retro gaming double feature, the Adventure Game Geek reaches deep into the obscure adventure archives to explore the diabolical world of Detritus: The Daemon’s Quest, with the help of his companion the Grand Inquisitor, who doesn’t hold back from passing judgement on all he sees. Like the game says every time it starts, “Detritus is brought to you by Myndgaemz. Copyright 1995, all rights reserved!” After watching this video, though, Geek can’t imagine anyone is actually thinking twice about making a copy. He’s pretty sure this game was made by college students who were just having a laugh and not exactly experienced with game design. The screens are still images that look like they’ve been put through a blender, the dialogue and voice recording are dreadful, and the game randomly crashes with cryptic error messages. There’s even a game-breaking glitch where you can get into an unwinnable state just by talking to someone. Despite all this, Geek decided to devote more attention to this travesty than perhaps any sane adventurer has done before. This game has haunted him for many years, and by facing his fears, hopefully the evil will finally be expunged.



Far more entertaining than the game itself is the actual place that inspired it, the Little Woodham Living History Village, so the two hosts ventured there to see what it looks like today and talk with the locals who are still living in the 17th century. The villagers were friendly but not entirely happy with such a demonic incursion being brought to their peaceful hometown. In fact, one of them accused Geek of wasting not only his time but his life playing adventure games… Blasphemy!!



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