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Indies In Depth Podcast #1 – Chris Scullion and Yann (Goloso Games)

Indies In Depth Podcast #1 – Chris Scullion and Yann (Goloso Games)
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Laura Cress, aka Cressup, has long been a valued member of the Adventure Game Hotspot as a writer, and more recently as part of the wider AGH network of talented content creators with her engaging video interviews. Now Cressup is expanding her horizons with a brand new podcast series called Indies In Depth, doing what she does best in offering a behind-the-scenes look at the indie game industry with the people who work in it.

For her debut episode, Cressup speaks to Yann from Goloso Games, the creator of Inspector Waffles, as well as retro gaming expert and games journalist Chris Scullion. Together they talk about why people are returning to retro games, whether hint systems work, and whether AI could help improve the detective genre. 

You can catch this premier Indies In Depth podcast on Spotify, or simply click to watch on Cressup's YouTube channel below.  

Cressup is part of the Adventure Game Hotspot Network, a collective of talented, dedicated content producers who work entirely independently but have joined forces to promote each other’s efforts. All opinons expressed belong solely to the original creators. 



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