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The Insanity of King's Quest Speedruns

The Insanity of King's Quest Speedruns
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Yes, Virginia, there is a Santa Claus... and he's damn fast at speedrunning King's Quest: Quest for the Crown! Maybe that's how he can travel the world delivering presents in one night. 

Wait! Wrong Santa Claus. The no-space SantaClaus in question is the new record holder for zipping through Roberta Williams' fantasy classic (1987 version!) faster than most of us probably got out of the opening castle. 

How'd he do it? Well, not so (ahem) fast. 

Way back in 2020, speedrunning whiz OneShortEye recounted the King's Quest Speedrunning World Record History on video, in which the fastest time was a ridiculous 1:38. That's one MINUTE, not one HOUR. But four years to the speedrunning community, as you can imagine, is like an eternity, and a lot has happened since then. 

And so OneShortEye is back with another fascinating, insightful look at the top King's Quest 1 speedruns, filled with tips and tricks and exploits, from changing game speeds on the fly, to walking on water (hallelujah!), to embracing your inner tininess, to typing so fast your fingers start to bleed. (That last one's an outlier, promise.) 

We're not going to tell you what the fastest time is now. You're going to have to watch for yourself, along with the (literally) circuitous route it took to get there!

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  1. Great video as always, OneShortEye!


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