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The Classic Gamers Guild Podcast looms large with a pair of arresting shows

The Classic Gamers Guild Podcast looms large with a pair of arresting shows
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The Classic Gamers Guild Podcast just keeps bobbin' along with a steady stream of great new shows. This month Anna Vigue and Paul Korman step outside of their Sierra comfort zone and venture into LucasArts territory to invoke the wrath love of a whole new set of fans by comparing versions of Brian Moriarty's beloved classic Loom – a game that never got a sequel! Know what other games didn't get sequels they so richly deserved? Well, Anna and Paul discuss just that as well, and came up with a list of fifteen games. (Or so they say; we didn't check their math.) To finish introducing these fun and funny podcast topics, we turn the keyboard over to Paul, aka the man who's supposed to be making The Phantom Fellows.  

"In Sequel Police: We Gave 15 Classic Adventures a Sequel, Anna and I are the sequel police because we're talking about sequels, and frankly, what else would we call it – this is an adventure game podcast. Okay, so we've established that policing or otherwise work regarding crime solving will not be involved in the episode... what else? Oh, so, we basically go through the games that had planned sequels and briefly discuss what they could have looked like, but mostly we mostly pitch each other sequels we want and what they might have been about. Or bean about, if you're Anna. And you might be! She actually reads these for some reason. Okay, go listen; this one was super fun. Mangia!"

Sequel Police: We Gave 15 Classic Adventures a Sequel

"In Loom: THAT'S What They Were Weaving?!, Anna and I bring you the Sierra Remake Comparison IV: This One Isn't Even Sierra. Look, you all asked us about Loom and we finally answered. We also tried to make sense of what exactly was being weaved, all while comparing the original EGA version to the VGA and FM Towns remake. Join us as we present to you our flimsy arguments as to which is the best while I upset the LucasArts fans by constantly referring to the protagonist as Bobbin Threepbare and Bobbin Threadwood, possibly by accident. (Frankly, I'm not so sure). Mangia!"

Loom: THAT'S What They Were Weaving?!

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