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Titanic: A Space Between emerges on VR

Titanic: A Space Between emerges on VR
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VR-exclusive time-travel thriller available for Meta Quest; coming soon to PC VR and PSVR2

Can you imagine the terror and chaos aboard the RMS Titanic in the early morning hours of April 15th after sideswiping the iceberg that would ultimately sink the unsinkable ship in 1912? Sure, we all followed Jack and Rose in James Cameron's epic film, but that's nothing like being there. No game can truly replicate those moments either, but Globiss Interactive's newly released VR thriller Titanic: A Space Between may just be the next closest thing – with a little extra sci-fi cosmic horror twist thrown in for good measure. 

Centuries after the Titanic's sinking, time travel is invented but comes with unexpected complications that threaten to shut it down for good. Before that can happen, an investigator named Hendrik van Eden is sent back to the ship's fateful night to investigate the disappearance of a previous time traveler and rescue her if at all possible. He was supposed to arrive the night before the collision, but instead he arrives right in the middle of the crisis. When disaster strikes – literally – you will find yourself "thrown into the bowels of the Titanic" and must make your way up through the ship, deck by deck, keeping your nerve and using your wits to "solve countless puzzles, and manipulate your environments in order to avoid the ever-rising water." As you progress, you will learn more about the people on board and "slowly become witness to the horrors that are involved with time travel and the Titanic’s sinking," 

Decribed as a "time-travel horror thriller," A Space Between seeks to provide a visually authentic experience that recreates the Titanic "with a high level of accuracy and detail." Events on board have been designed to match the "timing, location and intensity of the sinking, based on the latest historical data available." Players can explore famed locations like "the Grand Staircase, the boiler rooms, third class accommodations" and more, but not at your leisure as "the game utilizes a complex water system that slowly fills up the hallways and cabins on the ship." Not everything is meant to be historically realistic, however, as the developers have left themselves "creative room for engaging and complex puzzles" and escape mechanics, though even these utilize a "weighted physics system [to make] interactions feel natural and diverse." Where the game most notably departs from its real-world counterpart is the inclusion of "otherworldly" elements spawned from a misuse of time travel in ways that nature never intended. 

Titanic: A Space Between is available now on the Quest Store for all Meta Quest headsets, and is "coming soon" to PC VR and PlayStation VR devices. Also still to come is an "Exploration Mode" that will allow players to freely explore the ship at their own pace, or with an option to do so with water rising but no other obstacles to overcome.


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