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Demo reveals first part of Tell Me Your Story

Demo reveals first part of Tell Me Your Story
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Full version of cozy hand-drawn casual puzzler coming to PC and Switch later this year


A summer at Grandma's cottage might seem like a time for lazy days and quiet contemplation, but not when your Grandma turns out to be an adventurous world traveler with many globetrotting memories to unpack, as in RedDeer.Games' upcoming cozy puzzler, Tell Me Your Story.

Amelia is a bright, inquisitive young schoolgirl who, along with her faithful Corgi pal Peanut, will be spending her summer vacation this year with her Grandma Rose at her retirement cottage. Knowing little about her elderly relative, Amelia expects to "spend the warm months there knitting, gardening, and helping her out." Before long, however, she discovers this house is "full of wonders, artifacts, and souvenirs from all around the world." Where it all came from, and what exactly Rose retired from is what you'll spend most of your evenings discovering. As Amelia, during the day you'll have to help out with chores, but your evenings will be spent vicariously living out Rose's lifetime of colourful memories as she recounts her epic experiences across Asia, Europe, and South America with the aid of her travel memoirs, in the process bringing the two of you closer together than ever before.

While Grandma Rose may be described as "like Indiana Jones in a skirt," her tales are told in a much more modest fashion than her whip-cracking counterpart. Indeed, despite the game's title, her stories aren't so much told as shown in a series of wordless hand-drawn storybook-style illustrations. You'll have to earn each new revelation, however, by solving a series of "region-themed puzzles" comprising over 70 different types of riddles and brainteasers. In doing so, you'll progress "through the Amazon rainforest in search of Aztec legends, then through the Yunnan region in China – where the masters of brewing tea lay" and then finally find yourself aboard "the Orient Express and its magical first route – from Paris to Istanbul." There are no instructions for overcoming the challenges you face, but there is an in-game hint system to point you in the right direction with a pictogram clue if you need a nudge. But be forewarned, as you only get three freebies before you need to start solving even more puzzles to refill your supply of additional help.

The full version of Tell Me Your Story isn't due out until sometime later this year for PC and Switch, but you can take your first bold steps into the jungle right away as a playable demo is available now on Steam, taking place right at the start of the young protagonist's adventure.


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