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Blue Brain's The House of Tesla to be opened in late 2024

Blue Brain's The House of Tesla to be opened in late 2024
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New historical first-person 3D puzzle adventure revealed by the creators of The House of Da Vinci


The art and inventions of Leonardo da Vinci made for a compelling backdrop to Blue Brain Games' popular puzzle adventure trilogy The House of Da Vinci, and many fans were surely disappointed to see it end. But as the saying goes, when one door closes, another is opened – in this case almost literally, as the indie Slovakian developer has just revealed the famous historical figure behind their next project, The House of Tesla.

To be clear, the character in question is not Elon Musk, but rather the "father of electricity, the man behind alternating current, the science wizard, Nikola Tesla." While story details are few, the game promises to be a tale of both science and mystery in which you find yourself exploring the "eerie abandoned industrial buildings of Nikola Tesla's most ambitious facility in Wardenclyffe." This was meant to be the site of Tesla's most glorious experiments at the turn of the twentieth century, becoming "an important city where [the] future is today and every societal process is improved upon by the principles of free wireless electrical energy." As history tells us, unfortunately this grand dream wasn't meant to be, but what really happened that led to Wardenclyffe being shut down and deserted as a failure?

We've yet to see any in-game screenshots or video of The House of Tesla, but Blue Brain promises a new first-person 3D adventure filled with "handcrafted puzzles, hauntingly beautiful locations and challenges for your brain's gray (or blue) matter." Intriguingly, as you begin peeling back the layers of mystery to discover what happened and why you were stranded here, you'll have the opportunity to witness "important moments that lead to the construction and later to the fall of the famous Wardenclyffe Tower" directly through the eyes of Nikola Tesla himself. Answers won't just be handed you, however, so you will "need to be industrious and peer under the surface to prevail."

There are no platforms confirmed or any target release date just yet, but The House of Tesla is due to arrive sometime later this year. To follow its progress, be sure to check out the official website for additional details as they become available.



Update: Since time of writing, the game has been confirmed for PC in 2024, with console and mobile versions to follow later. 


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