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Unreachable demo there for the taking on Steam

Unreachable demo there for the taking on Steam
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First-person 3D investigative stealth thriller coming to Windows PC in the summer of 2024


Detectives are used to being on the right side of the law to solve crimes, but in Lost Art Studios' upcoming Unreachable, the protagonist's badge must be set aside to perform criminal acts if he's to keep his family alive under duress.

Harry Bernes is a workaholic detective whose career ambitions have put a strain on his home life. Separated for over half a year, at long last Harry's estranged wife Jessie is bringing their daughter Katie back for a visit. But what was meant to be a joyous camping trip to celebrate Harry's birthday soon becomes a nightmare when terrorists break into his house and kidnap Jessie and Katie. Leaving behind a radio and other espionage-type equipment, the kidnappers inform Harry that he must provide details about an anti-terror organization related to his boss, the sheriff of Fallstable County, or his family will suffer dire consequences. And so begins a harrowing night of break-ins, surveillance, stealth and some old-fashioned detective work as Harry attempts to play along until he's able to find a way to turn the tables.

Unreachable is a first-person 3D adventure controlled by the standard keyboard/mouse combo for movement and camera panning. Rather than being the good guy, however, here you're ostensibly a bad one – although not by choice, forced to carry out the demands you receive, from picking locks to planting bugs to disabling devices and covertly monitoring communications not meant for prying eyes and ears. You'll not only need to obey the explicit directions of the kidnappers, who aren't bluffing when they threaten the welfare of your family for any noncompliance (as many a potental "game over" can attest), you must also avoid being captured or killed by those you're illicitly spying on. The entire game takes place across one night, from 8pm to 4am, and you'll need to be as "stealthy as you are observant" to succeed. Fortunately Harry has a photographic memory, so "if you are sharp, you might also uncover clues to track down [the terrorists'] location and devise a rescue plan."

The full version of Unreachable isn't due out until sometime in the third quarter of 2024, but you can sneak a peek right away as a playable demo is available now on Steam for Windows PC.


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