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Spirit of the North to be revived in sequel

Spirit of the North to be revived in sequel
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New open-world 3D fox adventure unveiled and coming soon to PC and consoles


In 2020, Infuse Studio charmed players with a beautiful Icelandic fox adventure inspired by Nordic folklore. For an encore, another red fox rises to embark on an all-new picturesque mystical journey in the upcoming Spirit of the North 2.

In a world where the only remains of a once-grand civilization are now long-abandoned ruins, the legendary guardians have been corrupted by Grimnir, a dark shaman. The anointed hero to restore order to this realm is not a gallant knight or brave adventurer, but an ordinary fox who finds itself isolated and far from home. But not entirely alone, as it's accompanied by a "wise raven companion" who will be of invaluable help along the way. Directly controlling the fox, you must "discover potent runes that enhance your abilities" and allow you to "face off against formidable foes as you save the legendary guardian beasts in thrilling, puzzle-based encounters."

Spirit of the North 2 looks to be even more jaw-dropping than its predecessor, taking players through a variety of "visually captivating biomes, each with its own challenges and secrets to uncover," from snowy mountains, lush forests, majestic castle ruins and ancient crypts, to underground caves with giant caverns too wide for a fox alone to cross. As you progress and grow ever more capable through magical rune enhancement, you can customize the look and skills of the four-legged furry protogonist to suit your own personal preferences, adding a degree of replayability to experiment in subsequent playthroughs.

There is no target release date just yet, but it shouldn't be too long as Spirit of the North 2 is "coming soon" to Steam and Epic for Windows PC, along with console versions for PlayStation and Xbox devices.


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